Cancer Treatment in Germany

cancer treatment n GermanyCancer treatment in Germany – a frequent choice of foreign patients. Germany is a country, famous for its old medical school and traditions. It has the oldest university hospital in Europe, many scientific breakthroughs have been made here, which are now pride of the world medicine. German healthcare and medical services are at the highest level, and the German hospitals take a lot of pride in their latest equipment and treatment methods used for diagnosis and treatment of patients.

That is why Germany has a record number of medical tourists coming for treatment. Geography of foreign patients is vast – patients come here for treatment from other members of European Union, as well as from many different corners of the earth – Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, the United States, as well as from the countries of the Persian Gulf and North Africa.

Oncology centers in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Freiburg and Heidelberg enjoy great popularity among cancer patients. But in addition, many foreign patients go for treatment in Dortmund, Frankfurt-am-Main cancer centers, and also to other German cities.

Cancer centers in Germany

All German hospitals can be attributed to one of the following hospital types:

  1. University Hospitals (Uniklinikum)
  2. Private clinics
  3. Other (state owned charitable and religious organizations, etc.)

Cancer centers can be a part of any of the above mentioned structures, and they all offer similar level of treatment quality and high level of modern and efficient health care.

Regardless of the form of ownership, doctors holding advanced scientific degrees work in those medical centers, students are being trained and new, more effective treatments for cancer patients are being developed. Nurses provide sensitive and careful care, contributing to the rapid recovery of patients after complex procedures.

The cost of treating cancer in Germany

The price of the treatment is practically the same in all medical centers in Germany, regardless of the form of ownership. Cost is determined annually, using a nation wide DRG system. One factor that can affect the price is a multiplier factor, the value of which every medical center can control – but also in the range that is well-defined and regulated in advance. Also, the price can be affected by the remuneration of the attending physician, which can also vary within certain limits and is governed by the price list GOÄ. The total cost of treatment in Germany is usually lower than in neighboring Switzerland and certainly much lower than in the US. For more detailed assessment please contact us.

Charite hospital

One of the oldest medical centers in Europe, Charité nurtured within its walls more than half of the German Nobel Prize winners in medicine. As a university clinic, connected with not one, but two famous Universities in Berlin (Humboldt and Free University), Charité is on the cutting edge of modern scientific research and offers its patients the most modern and high-quality treatment of their illnesses.
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